Peel Off Foundation Might Just Be The Most Unnecessary Makeup Product Ever

Yet we are still intrigued...

We love a good peel off face mask; there’s something so satisfying about pulling off dead skin and blackheads whilst looking like a total freak.

As we know peel off masks aren’t just fun, they serve a purpose. On the other hand peel off foundation seems stupid because, why would you ever need peel of foundation?

We’re stumped, but after hearing about it we wanted to see it in action for ourselves. Luckily for us Blogger Ray Boyce decided to give not4u Real Skin Patch a go and document her experience.

As with many weird and wonderful beauty things, the foundation is from South Korea and comes in at a pretty reasonable £16.

The confusing part is that its not actually a foundation, you apply It and then put your foundation on top. Weird huh.

It protects dirt from getting on your skin, which makes it less likely you’ll get spots. In the video Raye says that it feels just like a normal peel off mask, but when she applies her foundation it starts to peel off by itself.

She decides to try again this time using less foundation in the hope that it wont peel, but it doesn’t do the trick.

Then she goes on to use a sponge instead of a brush to see if it’s just the way she’s applying it. No matter what she does it keeps peeling and she concludes that it’s not working. “It definitely changes the texture of my skin. I feel like my skin texture is better without this n, but I guess you gotta choose: a little more texture or a bunch of pimples.”

We’re disappointed, but not really surprised. In our opinion if something sounds like you don’t need it, it’s probably because you don’t need it. The verdict: peel off foundation isn’t even really foundation and is an unnecessary addition to your makeup bag. Soz.