LOOK’s Top Tips For A Perfect Summer Pedicure

All the tricks and treatments that will leave you well-heeled during sandal season

It’s summer! Which means it’s time to get our sandals out.

While we all love freeing our feet and slipping into a pair of flip-flops or peep-toes, there’s one teeny issue about showing off our tootsies. We haven’t had a pedicure in flippin’ ages.

There’s no shame in admitting that you haven’t been attending to your toes over the colder months. What’s the point? They’re constantly swaddled in thick socks, dark tights and chunky boots. But now’s the time to make them ready for a public outing.

Don’t worry, though! You don’t need to spend a fortune on a professional pedicure. An at-home DIY pedi will be cheaper, simple and just as effective…

We’ve cut out all the confusing technical beauty talk to bring you an easy step-by-step guide to pampering your toes, with a little help from Global Nail Technician Marian Newman and Foot Guru and Podiatrist Margaret Dabbs…

Ultimate Pedicure Rules By Foot Guru And Podiatrist Margaret Dabbs

Always, ALWAYS file feet when dry
‘Water masks the area to be treated, so you won’t be able to see the dry parts of the foot.’

Use a pumice foot scrub to exfoliate soft parts of the feet
‘This gets rid of grey skin cells in areas that you simply can’t address with a foot file. Massage the scrub all over the foot, and rinse with water.’

Push cuticles back, never cut them
You never want to take away fresh tissue. If cuticles are frayed or apply cuticle serum daily and push them back with an orange stick.’

Never use a body moisturiser
‘Do bear in mind that the skin of the feet is 12 times thicker than that of the rest of the body, which is why a body lotion just will not work.’

Book in for a treatment
‘In the run up to your holiday aim to get a professional pedicure three months before your trip. This makes it much easier to maintain your feet at home.’

Global Nail Technician Marian Newman Reveals How To Nail It So Your Toes Look Tip-Top

Don’t cut toenails straight across
‘Never cut your toenail straight across as it puts too much stress on the nail plate. Make several small cuts across the nail with a clean sharp clipper.’

Invest in a good quality file
‘Toenails may be harder than fingernails but that doesn’t mean you should be any less gentle when it comes to filing. Round the corners ever so slightly to prevent sharp corners cutting into the skin.’

Don’t cut your cuticles
‘Use a cuticle remover to soften the dead skin and gently wipe away with a cuticle tool or even your thumb inside a towel.’

Buff ridges
‘Your big toe nail is susceptible to ridges but these are easily smoothed out with a buffer. A shiny flat nail also makes nail polish stay put for longer.’

Preen With The Very Best Pedicure Products

The Sheet Mask for Feet
Have you seen the gross yet satisfying images of feet shedding dead skin on insta? Us too. Well, now you can get in on the act with Masque Bar Gentle Foot Exfoliating Mask, £9.99. Simply slip on the socks for thirty minutes to let the fruit acids blitz hard skin. Over 4 –7 days watch dry skin flake away to reveal revamped feet that feel baby soft.

The Stay Put Polishes
Vegan friendly, 7-free and vitamin enriched, Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish, £11.95. nail polish minimises the appearance of brittle nails and improve the wear-time of your nail colour thanks to a hit of Organic Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein, Garlic Bulb extract and Lavender. We also love the pop-tastic summer shades of Optimistic Orange, Trusting Turquoise and Amity Amethyst.

The Skin Smoothing Scrub
Maintain beautiful feet with a weekly slather of No7 Beautiful Skin Softening Foot Scrub £8. Massaged into feet, its gently removes dead skin build up that comes with heavy treadmill and pavement pounding.

The Tried and Tested Tool
When it comes to sloughing away dead skin cells, forget manual and upgrade your routine with a genius gadget. Rather than using a rough surface, the clever PediCurve £39.99 employs a revolutionary unique, glass disk to buff and soften the skin on your feet, giving salon quality results in without having to walk to the spa.

The Nimble Nail File
Forget the standard emery boards to shape and file your toenails. The secret to perfectly formed digits is Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File, £12. It’s fine abrasive crystal finish helps to protects nails and makes them less prone to splitting while the non-slip handle means you won’t lose your grip.