Peach Will Be The Standout Beauty Shade For 2017

You heard it here first, guys!

Last year was all about grey nails taking over Pinterest, mermaid hair and brows. This year we think peach shades are going to take over as the beauty trend of 2017. There, we said it.

Here are four ways to work the trend right now and all through the year…

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While we have been seeing a lot of pinks and reds on the eyes of celebrities, it will be peach that wins over the beauty crowd. It’s much easier to carry off than other warm tones and can b built into a gorgeous smoky finish.

Kylie Jenner recently launched her The Royal Peach Palette, watching it sell out in minutes. The set contains twelve shadows, most of which are either peachy or colours that will work alongside the main tones. The brunette beauty has already worn the  shades, showing just how pretty it can look.


peach blusher, too faced

Feeling a little sallow? Looking a bit blah? Try a swirl of juicy peach high on your cheeks. Too Faced finally delivered the fruity dream with their brand new Sweet Peach Collection. The Papa Don’t Peach blusher is perfect for all skin tones.

Peach Lips

Dirty Peach looks beautiful on you, @kaseyrayton 😍🍑 Available now!

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As much as we love a statement red pout, it can be hard to keep in line. You have to careful when eating, reapply a hundred times a day… Nudes can end up looking a bit plain, often washing skin tones out. Peach, on the other hand, is a dreamy alternative. There’s a shade to suit everyone and the juicier/glossier the better. Once again, Kylie predicted the fruity shade would be big way before anyone, launching her Dirty Peach Lip Kit last year.

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jessica woodley, made in chelsea, new, hair, peach

It’s also a great way to change your hair colour if you’re tired of ice-white blonde or considering giving up bleach. When Made In Chelsea’s Jess Woodley went peachy last year the effect was totally transformative. High bleach can be harsh on the skin, often making you look tired. It’s not the easiest shade to pull of when you’re hungover, tbh. This shade is softer, brighter and oh-so-prettier.

Harriet Muldoon, Jess’ colourist, told us she chose the peachy colour because “her complexion suits warmer tones.” Because Woodley’s hair was already light, Harriet only needed to apply a toner to achieve the shade.

Get the look at home by mixing a pink and orange Crazy Color into your conditioner.

Ready to hit the peach?