Guys, Pat McGrath Is Launching A Permanent Make-Up Collection

No more crying over sold out limited edition sets

You’ve all seen the meme that says shortest ever horror story, ‘sold out’? Well, that pretty much summed up how we felt every time make-up legend Pat McGrath released one of her awesome make-up sets. Sigh. ‘When is she going to make them permanent’ we sobbed? ‘Will we ever get to own a PG labs kit’ we cried? Well, looks like our prayers have (finally) been answered because after years of magical, limited edition creations, the makeup artist has declared that her next range will be a permanent one. Praise. Be.

So why such a long wait? “This was always the intention,” she revealed at the launch. “Every time I came across a formula that I couldn’t live without, I released it.” she also revealed that she carried the prototype of MatteTrance in her purse for months before releasing it. In fact, she did she with the entire range, which she sweetly refers to as ‘her babies’. (awwwh)

So about the collection, well as you can guess it all looks utterly incred. A ode to her career, each piece is love letter to all the best products she amassed over her whopping 25-year career. Think Mothership eyeshadow palettes, Glide Eye Pencils, Dark Star Mascara, 31 LuxeTrance Lipsticks, 9 MatteTrance Lipsticks and a collection of Luxetrance lipsticks, there is SO much to get gassed about. 61 pieces in fact and We. Cannot. Wait.

Set to launch on 16 September on her website. We’re counting down the days until the internet breaks once more…