Metamorphic Eyeshadows To Feed Your Glitter Addiction

Pat Mcgrath's latest collection will blow your mind.

World renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath’s holographic eye make-up range will be breaking our banks this Christmas. As well as painting the faces of Scarlett Johansson, Oprah and Jennifer Lopez, she has launched her make-up range ‘Pat McGrath Labs’ which models couldn’t get enough of. After she launched her Lust 004 range which sold out in minutes, the Pat McGraph Instagram took over our lives and now she’s launched something more bold, daring and, just possibly, more sparkly – the Metamorphosis 005 collection.

Let your eyes gaze upon the glittery goodness.

Emily Ratatowski approves.

This is illumination like you’ve never seen before, and Metamorphosis isn’t only about gold – think bronze, silver and and copper shades. The Everything Kit includes: 4 metallic pigments, 4 metallic creams, a black eyeliner and a mixing liquid for you to transform your metallic pigments. It will set you back $160, but look how shiny it is…


The metamorphosis kits launch on on November 15th.

By Shannan Sterne