Paris Hilton Has Brown Hair And The Internet Cannot Cope

Up is down, Left is right.

She’s the queen of all things Barbie and we’re used to seeing her blonded up, decked out in pink and carrying her signature small pup. But just last weekend Paris Hilton posted a series of videos where she looked a little, um different. The socialite took to Instagram where she showed off her new chocolate brown locks, captioning the video ‘#BrunettesHaveFunToo’.

#BrunettesHaveFunToo ✨👸🏻✨

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After debuting her new found dark side, Paris went on to upload some more shots of her with her brown locks. In one she posed for a selfie with her dog, Diamond Baby, in the other she’s been papped in the street wearing  a long lace dress and black hat.

Love my angel @DiamondBabyX ✨👸🏻🐶✨

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We don’t really know whether or not this transformation is legit, and I have a feeling that it’s a wig, after all would Paris really ditch her blonde do for good? I think not. Regardless of if its real or not, the internet are freaaaking out.

#ShoppingTime with my lil @DiamondBabyX. ✨👸🏻🐶✨

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We kinda guess that for her die hard fans this must be a bit like seeing a pig with wings. And to be honest we never thought we would see this day either.

People took to Twitter to express their mixture of emotions. “Paris Hilton is a brunette and nothing makes sense any more,” wrote one user. “YOU LOOK SO GOOD AS A BRUNETTE. I’M ALIVE. WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE, BABE,” said another to Paris.

We are wondering how long she’ll keep the colour for, but until then we’re just going to take joy in the fact that her and her dog are now pretty much twinning.