Star Wars Strobing, Boob Contouring… What’s Next?

Contouring certainly isn’t a new make-up trick, but it’s been catapulted into the everday beauty routine of millions, thanks to the Kardashians and other celebrities.

Kim Kardashian and her self-named glam squad, including the famous artist Mario Dedivanovic, have shared their tricks on Instagram, with strobing and contouring taking on a whole life of its own. 

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The trend seems to have captured the minds of YouTubers and make-up fiends alike, with the surfacing of many new and wonderful ways of building up those cheekbone-enhancing lines.

We take a look at some of the most extreme new trends to have emerged from the contouring craze. 

1. Body Positive Contouring

We came across Brow Chamelion, an Instagram account that gives make-up tips and tutorials. Check out her page, Makeup By Alo, here

Encouraging her followers to flip any harsh words about them into something beautiful, she turned traditional contouring into a way of confronting bullies.

>Instagram: @MakeUpBy_Alo


She captioned: “Imagine if you let the things people say to you determine how you look at yourself… Never let anyone’s words reflect how you see yourself…  I want you all to pick up your makeup… Write those words people throw at you… Blend them away, And see what a beautiful reflection you see in the mirror…”

We absolutely love this idea. 

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2. Star Wars Contouring

>Instagram: @makeupbymandylee



Remember clown contouring? Well. Now we’ve found Star Wars contouring.

Beauty blogger and make-up artist Mandy-Lee Perkins has started a series of contouring videos inspired by Star Wars characters

3. Boob Contouring 




Yes, you read that right. It’s not just for your face anymore, apparently. 

It’s a trick that’s been around for years, and there’s hundreds of YouTube tutorials on it. Working on the same principle of highlighting and shading, it creates the illusion of bigger cleavage (with the help of a push-up bra too). 

>Images: Belinda Nicoll YouTube

What’s your verdict? A step too far in the crazy world of contouring? Or just another clever shading trick? 

4. Face Morphing

If you haven’t seen Paolo Ballesteros and his mind-blowing celebrity transformations yet, you’re in for a real treat.

His Instagram account is a tribute to him taking on different famous faces, with nothing but a make-up brush. And it leaves us astounded every single time. 

We’ve picked out some of his most impressive ones below… 

> Paolo Ballesteros Does Caitlyn Jenner

> Paolo Ballesteros Does Katy Perry

> Paolo Ballesteros Does Kim Kardashian

> Paolo Ballesteros Does Kris Jenner