Will You Be Pancaking Your Hair From Now On?

The pancaking hair trend is here, and it’s taking over.

It’s been the year for big (and crazily named) beauty trends – baking, plopping and fluid hair painting to name but a few.

And now, tonnes of people are getting their pancake on to pimp up their plaits. 

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pancaking hair trend plaits Instagram: @crystalmstylistmt


The technique is designed to give a trussed up finish to your fishtail, French or any other style of plait. Because a little messiness is always good… 

However, the trick is to always start with a super neat plait, and go from there. 

‘You always want to start with a structured, tight braid,’ hairstylist and Beachwaver creator, Sarah Potempa, told Allure.

pancaking hair trend plaits Instagram: @theconfessionsofahairstylist


‘One of the best tricks to make it look professional and cool is called pancaking’, she explained. ‘Once the braid is in place, pull at the pieces along the edges to add texture.’

Another tip is to add a few waves in there by wrapping any loose of your hair around a curling iron to help with that bedhead look.

And your favourite dry shampoo will also really come in handy when it comes to this look – spray all over your hair before plaiting to make it look extra textured and messy.

And voila! Pancaking perfection.

pancaking hair trend plaits Instagram: @theconfessionsofahairstylist