11 Problems You’ll Only Know If You’ve Got Pale Skin

Pale girls have it tough, right?

Finding make-up to match our skin is super-frustrating, our faces are constantly blushing and summer is just one major minefield.

But don’t worry! We know exactly how you feel.

We bet you can relate to more than a few of these pale girl problems. Because we know we can…

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1) Basically being allergic to the sun

20 minutes in the heat and we’re the colour of a post box and our skin is bubbling with blisters. SO not worth it.


2) No umbrellas free at the beach? ABORT, ABORT

We might as well just spend the rest of the day in the car.


3) Spending *a lot* of money in summer

Sun cream (factor 50, natch), straw hats, oversized sunglasses, kaftans… we could go on.


4) Relating more to the vampires than the humans in Twiligh


We feel ya, Edward.


5) Constantly getting fake tan on everything

Oops. Bye bye, white sheets.

At least we’re pros at getting a streak-free finish.


6) White clothes are a major no-no

We’re not sure it counts if you can’t tell where your skin stops and your top starts?

Also, anything yellow makes us look sick.


7) Finding foundation to match our skin tone is a complete nightmare

An orange face and white neck combo is NOT the look we were going for. Argh.


8) Our teeth look more yellow

Well, it’s only natural when they’re being compared to something whiter than them.


9) Visible blue veins

We did not sign up for this.


10) Blushing at anything. And then that makes us blush even more

Not in a cute Snow White way, either.

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11) Being told we look ill/tired/washed out

It’s REALLY offensive, people


But hey, at least we’ve got Anne Hathaway as a beauty idol. What a babe.