Our Relationship With Plastic Surgery Is Changing

Plastic surgery. How many of us have considered it? And when do we consider it?

Unfortunately, it turns out that 29% of us are unhappy with the way we look and over half of us (51%) are considering having a cosmetic procedure.

Which is a little bit upsetting, really.

But the good news is that we’re now after a more natural look, with 72% of us wanting minor results that only we will notice.



Instead of wanting to totally change our appearance, we’re more inclined to undertake subtle enhancements to maintain a youthful glow.

Not only that, but 42% wouldn’t even tell their friends or family what they’ve had done.

In line with this, ‘overdone’ lips are the biggest no-no for people. What will Kylie Jenner think?!

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Well. It doesn’t seem we care. 86% of those surveyed by The Harley Medical Group insisted that they weren’t influenced by celebrities who’ve undergone cosmetic procedures.

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More of us are waiting until we’ve really thought about things until we go under the knife, with 44 being the average age we decide we want surgery.

So what are the procedures we want the most?

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Our stomachs are the biggest body hang-up for 42% of us, with tummy tucks proving to be the most popular type of surgery.

A whopping two in five (43%) women have revealed that they’re unhappy with their breasts while 25% have thought about liposuction.

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The next most-considered surgery is a face lift, followed by rhinoplasty.

However, a recent study found that one in 10 Brits have ended up ‘extremely dissatisfied’ with the results of their surgery.

So while we’re all for body confidence, we really hope you’ll all think seriously hard before undertaking any of these procedures.