The One Product You Should Never Use Down There

Warning: This shower gel will leave you feeling more than just refreshed…

Hands up, who loves an awakening shower first thing in the morning? Yeah, pretty much all of us, and a fruity or fresh shower gel is probably a top pick for many to wake them up ahead of their morning commute.

Whilst Original Source shower gels are a household staple, for anyone who’s ever used them, you’ll know they can seriously pack a punch during your daily wash, and their mint scent is no exception.

Let's give this a try I love all things mint from food to body washes so #originalsource here I come 😂😍.xxx.

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Still interested in trying? Well, we just want to warn you that you should use at your own caution, unless you enjoy the sensation of rubbing extra strong mint toothpaste all over yourself – yeah it is that intense, as one unfortunate girl soon found out…

In a review unlike no other, the unsuspecting girl shared at length her super intense experience with the shower gel, which she compared to being like “ceremoniously scrubbed by ants wearing ice skates laced with chili sauce.”

Sure, for her stomach, back and arms it was a “first class bathing experience,” but for the private parts? Not so much.

“And then.


Oh. Dear. God.


With her post now going viral and over 110,000 shares on Facebook, it seems she isn’t alone in suffering through the pain of the next level tingling, as both men and women flooded the comments with similar horror stories.

RG @originalsource_ausnz: Yes, it does. #TinglyBalls #regramapp

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One man commented, “I am sad to say that this product does not discriminate. I too had a let’s say uncomfortable encounter with this shower gel.”

Another woman said “It does burn every sensitive area on the human body not just the very intimate areas.” Ouch, steer clear folks.

After reading her shocking review, I think we can all agree to follow her main piece of advice –  use with extreme caution, and NEVER put the mint shower gel anywhere below your waist line. It hurts.

By Kelsey Dring