Topshop’s £12.50 Skin Saviour: Buy It Now

Tophop have just launched their gorgeous new Face Sculpting Palette and after only two uses, we’re obsessed.

Combining four different highlighting shades, there’s something to make the most of every part of your facial features, from cheekbone to brow bone.

Right now we’re using the pearly colour to wake up our eyes, and the rosy hue to give our cheeks a fresh faced glow, but we’ve got a sneaky suspicion the golden shades will work wonders with a tan – hello, flawless Jessica Alba skin!

At only £12.50, this little compact palette instantly perks up skin and makes you look the picture of health. So even after a long weekend of partying and junk food, you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off a beach come Monday.

Talk about a miracle beauty product, thanks Topshop! HG

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