Why One Eyebrow Is Always More On Fleek

No matter how on fleek your eyebrows are, we all know that one seems to turn out better than the other – it’s just a truth of the makeup world. Unless, you’re one of those people who doesn’t ‘do’ eyebrows because a) you don’t want to – in which case congratulations on living a life free of a tweezing/filling/pencilling obsession, or b), you’re blessed with naturally full and flawless brows in which case – don’t talk to us.

Anyway, one eyebrow expert has postulated that there’s an actual scientific reason for eyebrow inconsistency, which makes us feel a whole lot better about our rogue, left arch, which NEVER matches up to the other.

Story of our livesssss


According to Tonya Crooks, who is responsible for the eyebrow artistry of Megan Fox, Eva Mendes, and er, Fergie, the difference between brows is down to our physical anatomy and our sleeping habits.

‘Each brow has different muscle movement’ she explained. ‘Sometimes this is caused by what side [of your face] you’re sleeping on, [which can make] the muscles on one side weaker than the other. Sometimes it is due to how you naturally show expression.’

So it’s not our fault! Hurrah! But does this mean we’re going to have to start sleeping on our backs in order to protect our brows? We’d *totally* do it in the name of beauty…

And what do we do to fix these permanently uneven brows? Why, even ’em up on in our makeup routine, of course.

‘The first thing I try to do with my clients is, like scales, balance the brows by giving a little to one and taking a little from the other over time to create a more symmetrical effect’ Crooks told Popsugar.

‘You have to look at your face and adjust the steps slightly per brow,’ Crooks insisted. One might need a bit more colour at the front, while the other needs a darker tail.’


This makes sense of course, but sometimes the problem isn’t with our facial muscles, it’s actually with our shaky other hand which always seems to produce one brow of wonder and beauty, and another that looks like its been drawn on with a chopstick (true story).

And the only way to fix that is with more practice, we guess, which coincidentally means purchasing more carefully-selected, expensive, eyebrow tools!

So true.



By Georgina Lawton