One Direction’s Hair, Then And Now

Flashback Friday!

When we spotted pictures of Niall Horan at the launch of the Larry King Salon in London we thought two things.

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One. We’d like to borrow that cosy shearling jacket and secretly sniff the collar. Two. Blonde Irish cutie Niall is no longer blonde!

Niall Horan showed off much darker hair recently

The 23-year-old singer debuted his darker hair colour yet, showing off a rich chestnut ‘do. He’s totally got his winter shade sorted.

It got us thinking about the other One Direction heartthrobs. How different does their hair look now compared to seven years ago when they were on The X Factor? Answer: pretty different…

Harry Styles

harry styles

In 2010 Harry’s curly mop of hair was boyishly styled into bob-like ‘do, his fringe pushed to the side. Years later, after enjoying long rock god hair for a while, Harry landed a part in Dunkirk and had to crop his locks. His new short-back-and-sides style works. Especially the quiff *swoon*.

Liam Payne

Rumoured dad-to-be Liam started his showbiz life as a floppy haired teenager. His super thick bonce was very early Bieber. Now the hot star prefers to keep his follicles trimmed and coiffed with shine-boosting products. We reckon he has to blow-dry to get that lift.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis also channelled young Justin Bieber back in ’10, enjoying a heavy fringe pushed into his eyes. Fast forward to 2017 and Tommo is all about the volume! Probably involving clever products and a hefty blow-dry session, we’re feeling his most recent hair style.

Zayn Malik

Yeah, he left the band but it would be a proper 1D hair history without Zayn. The baby-faced Bradford boy once liked to comb his fringe into Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice-style spikes. Now his look is something straight out of a fashion shoot. Aka, so damn hot.

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Of course, we have the excellent Lou Teasdale to thanks for the boys’ transformations. Just imagine what the lads will look like in 2024…