People Thought The New Olympic Medals Were Highlighters

Even though the 2016 Rio Olympic Games don’t actually begin until 5 August – the official Instagram is already up and running. (Because, obvs – Instagram is always everyones priority!)

But as well as sharing preview pics from the games to help amp everyone up for summer to actually begin – they’ve Insta’d a pic of the brand new shiny medals… and erm, they’ve not gone down in *quite* the way people expected. 

In a hilarious twist of events, people on Instagram have been confusing the Olympic medals for highlighting palettes, with one person commenting ‘I need this highlighter omg’. And tbh, we can totally see why.

The new Olympic medals are held in a chunky wooden case and together with their metallic shimmery hue of the award itself – they 100% wouldn’t look out of place on the beauty shelves of Harvey Nichols!

It looks like everyone is on the hunt for a good highlighter these days, check out these brilliantly funny Instagram comments on the image of the bronze medal…





Is it weird we want to swatch one?! Our brains hurt.

Okay so, these ones might be pretty hard to blend, but hey – maybe the Olympics will start their own beauty range soon too?! Move over Anastasia Beverly Hills…


By Sophia Pathak @sophia_pathak