Find Out Your Skin Age With This Clever App

Without even having to leave the house!

Ever wondered how old your skin really is? Or do you find yourself in the skincare aisle wondering what the hell to choose? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this clever new app is for you.

Face mapping at its easiest

Skincare specialists Olay have created a fancy new app to help customers determine they exact skin type and age. The new Olay Skin Advisor app is easy to use and works using a selfie. So, if like us, the idea of traipsing around the high street in search of a real life Olay Skin Advisor makes you want to hibernate for years, this is perfect.

olay skin app

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Anyone with either a mobile phone or a tablet can download the software and get to work sorting out their post-party skin from the comfort of your sofa! Sounds dreamy, right? You won’t even have to change out of you pjs.

Simply take a selfie (make up-free works best) and upload it to Olay’d Skin Advisor. After a few key questions, Olay’s techy Skin Advisor will have all the info it needs to eventually determine your desired skincare regime and products.


Get expert recommendations from the comfort of your sofa

The next step is deep analysis of the selfie. The app does this by comparing it to the thousands of other selfies it already has on its database. The five aging zones of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin, crow’s feet and under-eyes) are analyzed with an incredible 99% accuracy.

So clever!


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The last step is skin mapping to find out the areas of the face that need improvement as well as pointing out your best bits and recommending products to ace your future skin.