LOOK’s Beauty Brand Of The Week: Clarins!

Here at LOOK HQ, we’ve decided to pay homage to some of the best names in beauty by hand-picking our favourite brand each week. We know if you want to look gorgeous you have to go back to basics, so where better to start than with your skin? That’s why we love Clarins. It’s renowned for offering affordable skincare that does exactly what it says on the bottle. We’ve lost count of the amount of times their must-have products have saved us from a bad skin day. 

As Clarins converts, we felt it was only right to tell you all about their not-so-secret skincare saviour Beauty Flash Balm, £28. It’s a classic for a reason – this brightening balm offers an instant pick-me-up for tired complexions, perfect for banishing the tell-tale signs of a late night! It’s a favourite in our office, instantly hydrating skin to leave your face looking fabulous in a flash.

So if your complexion is in need of some TLC, pop down to a Clarins counter this weekend for some expert advice and get ready to show off your model-worthy skin!