Is This The Strongest Setting Spray Of All Time

We can’t quite believe this.

As a beauty writer I’ve tried my fair share of setting sprays. Urban Decay was an old trusty, until I stumbled across Coola’s Make Up Setting Spray SPF 30, £39, this summer and never looked back.

But a recent make up review has gone viral after its author claims it kept her full face in tact throughout a pretty horrendous ordeal. The supposedly super powered setting spray is NYX Cosmetics’ Matte Finish Setting Spray, £7 and in the review the girl says she was hit by a car in the pouring rain, taken to hospital and discharged – all through which her makeup remained immaculate. Surely not?

“I was hit by a car and through the hit itself, the rain, the ambulance ride, and the hours in the hospital my makeup stayed completely intact the entire time. When I was discharged from the hospital I had to take off my makeup and none of it had moved. if this setting spray can survive being hit by a car then that’s all the proof I need and I’ll definitely be buying it again.”

Soon after the review was posted to Ulta, Twitter users somehow managed to find it – the Internet is mental, and started tweeting their responses to the insane account.



Even Jeffree Star tweeted about it…


Sophia, you’re basically a celeb. We really hope you’re ok, and we’d ALL like to thank you for unveiling the gift that is this setting spray.

Brb, just running out to buy 5.