Nude By Nature: Australia’s Fave Mineral Makeup Launches in UK

Now, who DOESN’T want to look like an Australian girl? Think: Miranda Kerr, Margot Robbie, Elle Macpherson… I could go on. Unfortunately, we can’t have the Australian sun here in Blighty, and we certainly won’t be having a BBQ on the beach come Christmas time, but there is one Aussie lifestyle habit we can now adopt.

Nude by Nature, Australia’s Number 1 mineral makeup brand launched today at, so us British girls can get our hands on this BEAUTIFUL makeup collection. Created in 2008 in Sydney, it started as a very small collection of three loose mineral foundations, a bronzer, a finishing veil and a brush.  The range now includes an array of formulas in different finishes and shades that provide a flawless look without the toxins. Nude by Nature products are formulated without synthetic ingredients or preservatives like Talc, Silicon, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGS, Siloxanes, Triclosans, Phenoxyethanol or Parabens.

The mineral formula of the products feels silky smooth on your skin, and provides enough coverage without feeling heavy. And just LOOK at that rose gold packaging – simply to die for. If that wasn’t enough, the campaign features ex-Victoria Secret model (and mother of one, may we add) Elyse Taylor, who looks simply stunning frolicking around on a seemingly endless Aussie beach. It’s so beautiful we could cry.

We could happily use the whole collection exclusively (it’s that good), but if we HAD to pick, here are our top three products:

Nude By Nature Radiant Loose Powder Foundation, £25


Nude By Nature Sheer Light Pressed Illuminator, £22



Nude By Nature Finishing Brush, £25Nude by Nature Finishing Brush, £25

Annie Quinton