Introducing Invisible Fluid Makeup From Estée Lauder

The holy grail of flawless skin is always on our wish list. We’re forever on the hunt for perfect foundation that’ll give us the kind of skin we see all over the catwalk, but finding the right mix of coverage, dewiness and oil-absorbing is proving one of or biggest beauty hang ups. Thank goodness then for the latest desk drop to LOOK beauty.  The amazing new Invisible Fluid Makeup by Estée Lauder basically cuts out all the groundwork and gave our whole department perfect skin in seconds. We thought we’d share!

Invisible Fluid Makeup uses cutting edge technology so that as soon as the product hits your skin it adapts to your natural colouring to look totally flawless. Oh, did we mention it also does colour-correcting too? Redness, brown spots and dark under-eye bags will be gone quicker than the time it takes to type that sentence. So to get your skin looking supermodel-esq give the bottle a little shake first: this scatters the tiny air particles, so once you apply it you’ll feel how super-light it is and you’ll be airbrushed to perfection.

News also out: Estée Lauder offer free colour-match services at counters nationwide. Pop along to your nearest one and they’ll colour match you there and then, and give you a 10-day free trial. With all this, there’s no excuse for tide lines and blotchiness. We can’t wait to see glowing girls all over the UK!