21 Noughties Beauty Trends We Were All Really Into

1) Poker-straight hair

You probably sustained at least three burn injuries a month, and definitely brought straighteners to school for a top-up at lunch.

2) Wearing concealer as lipstick

The ultimate two-in-one.

3) Over-plucked eyebrows

You’re pretty sure they’ll never fully grow back.

4) Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse

The only foundation to be found in a noughties girl’s make-up bag.

5) Giving yourself an orange ‘glow’

Your bedsheets were constantly covered in fake tan.

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6) Chunky highlights

Hair was certainly not subtle in this era.

7) Pink lip gloss, preferably Juicy Tubes

If you couldn’t afford them, you’d probably use a Collection 2000 alternative.

8) Or frosted lipstick

Kissable to the max.

9) Clear mascara

Not pointless at all.

10) Impulse body sprays

Mmmm, the sweet smell of PE changing rooms.

11) Scraped-back ponytails

Leaving two thin tendrils around your face totally completed the look.

12) Sun-In

Taking you from mousy brunette to blonde beach babe in a few short sprays.

13) If you were an emo kid, A LOT of eyeliner

So rock chick.

14) Lip Smackers

Moisturising your pout had never been so much fun.

15) A side fringe

Ideal for hiding a spotty teenage forehead.

16) So…? perfumes

Cheers for this one, Superdrug.

17) Mullets

They were bad in the 80s, and even worse in the noughties.

18) Coloured mascara

What better way to make your eyes pop?

19) Glitter jelly

Glitter stars were even better. Under 18 club nights, here we come.

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20) Spiky ponytails

Your super-short layers made your up-do so much cooler.

21) Charlie perfume

For the mature lady, AKA sixth formers.