People Are Going Crazy For This No Surgery Nose Job Hack

It doesn’t involve a single scalpel. Seriously.

For anyone with a less than ideal nose, the dream of turning it into a perfect schnozz is very real. Unfortunately, nose jobs are both pricy and painful which is why this wild non-surgical hack is currently blowing up. ‘Scuse the pun.

For less than the thousands of pounds it would cost you to hire a surgeon to shave the bones of your snifter you can give your nose a lift.

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Non-surgical nose jobs are a thing now

“How!” we hear you cry. Well, it involves a teeny plastic hook and your fingers. And possibly a teensy amount of pain.

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The PVC hook hails from East Asia where you can purchase a nose lifter for the bargain price of $25.

So, how does this nifty little honker hook work? You push the rod up your nostril and bend it depending on how ‘lifted’ you desire your nostrils to be. The bendy little tool acts as a tension rod, pushing up the tip of your nose.

The before and after pictures are mind blowing

While it doesn’t sound comfortable (at ALL) the makers of the hook only recommend users wear their nose lifter for an hour ever now and then for the first week.

To be fair, the before and after pictures are pretty impressive. Fans of the hook now boast lifted tips and more delicate bridges. As well as a whole bunch of pain, we’re guessing.

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Just the thought of jamming a hook up our hooter makes our eyes water. Surely that goes against everything we’ve ever heard from all the important people in life. Mums, doctors…

Then again, no blades? A perky little nose? Hmm.

Wait a minute. What if it falls out mid-date!?