What On Earth Is ‘No-Poo’ And Why Is Everyone Doing About It?

It’s not what you think it is…

This year has seen a plethora of challenges and movements hit the beauty scene, most of which have baffled but not overly bothered us. This latest one, however, made us sit up. It’s called the ‘no-poo’ movement. Yeah…

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When we first heard about it we instantly thought it had something to do with, you know. It’s the most obvious conclusion to leap to, right? Thankfully the no-poo trend has nothing to do with the toilet habits of your nearest and dearest. It’s actually a new way to care for your hair!

There is a smelly stage…

Can we get a collective PHEW?

According to experts, shampoo sales in Britain have dropped by a massive £23million. That’s no small change amount. The reason behind this sudden plunge is that people are skipping enjoying ‘poo in the shower.

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Shampoo has become redundant for the people of the no-poo movement. Rather than shampooing their locks, many women are making the bold move into the realms of chemical-free hair care. A standard bottle of shampoo can often contain over 500 chemicals.

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It’s not easy. As you’d expect there is a, ahem, smelly stage that you need to get through before it gets good. No-pooers use a mix of bicarbonate of soda, flour, egg, honey and lemon juice if they are really struggling but most go cold turkey and find that, after a while, plain water suffices.

It’s a major beauty movement

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Fancy joining the NO-POO revolution? Whether you want to jump in feet first or slowly start eliminating chemicals, here’s a few ideas to make life easier (and less stinky). Use bicarbonate of soda in place of shampoo followed by apple cider vinegar. Both work with the pH balance of your scalp to cleanse without stripping the hair. Regularly brush hair using a good bristle brush to stimulate the scalp and evenly distribute the natural oils of your scalp.

If all else fails, try boxer braids or wrap your head in a fancy headscarf! It’s a huge SS17 trend, you know.