Why Kylie’s New Lip Kit Shade Was Removed From Instagram

We’re just as excited as any Kylie Lipkit fan when it comes to the announcement of a brand new shade but if there’s one lesson to be learnt, it’s to leave the sharing of the news to Ms Jenner herself and her Kylie Cosmetics brand.

Over the weekend there were rumours and a mysterious picture floating around of the so called new shade ‘Leo’, named after Kylie’s starsign (her birthday is August 10). The matte lipstick was a reddish brown in special edition gold packaging with BIRTHDAY EDITION written over it. However, the images were wrongfully leaked by popular beauty scoop Instagram accounts such as The Lip Snitches.

Kylie Cosmetics were quick to notice and contacted The Lip Snitches to remove the pictures, under the reason that they were uploaded without Kylie’s permission.

The Lip Snitches account, which has over 15k followers, is still active but have of course deleted the pictures of ‘Leo’ and uploaded an apology to both kylie and Kylie Cosmetics.


“As the first person to post it, I feel greatly responsible for all the accounts that have been penalized for the picture & for the other repercussions some people have had to face. Just wanted to apologize to everyone & Kylie Cosmetics! Lesson learned, in the future I’ll be making sure I check sources, facts, & trademarks more in depth! If you know me, you know know I’m about honesty & what I posted yesterday was not a representation of that, whether it’s a big deal to some or small to others. I never want to my account to become so obsessed with getting a “scoop” that I forget about PEOPLE & how to treat them, whether it’s Kylie Jenner or an account with 10 followers!! (It was Kylie’s property & I should have repspected that).”

Let’s leave the posting to Kylie shall we! It’ll only be a matter of days we think until Kylie announces the new shade herself (we predict August since that would totally make sense). So until then, lets enjoy lusting over her current lipkits.


By Sophia Pathak @sophia_pathak