There Could Finally Be Hair Diversity In The Emoji World

Cause lets face it, that one style just isn't cutting it.

Hands up who doesn’t have long blonde or brown hair? Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s quite a few of us, so when it comes to emojis why isn’t there one for the redheads, pixi cropped and silver foxes among us?

Sure, it may seem like a bit of a first world problem, but when it comes to hair diversity, Unicode (the creators of the humble emoji) are way behind the times.

That is, up until now.

Finally, in 2017 it has been announced that Unicode are considering four new hair emojis to shake things up, and actually make our favourite redheads feel a part of the action.

For years people have been crying out for a redhead emoji, so it’s about time they’re starting to listen. Although, according to Mashable, progress has been so slow because it has been “a challenge to address due to a number of competing implementation options.”

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So why is it so important? Well, up until now redheads have been under represented in pretty much everything. From haircare to fashion, there has been a lack of hair diversity for a long time, so not even having your own emoji must be pretty frustrating.  Up until now, even the curly haired among us couldn’t channel their inner emoji sass.

Thankfully Unicode are finally making a stand, and by mid-2018 they will have rolled out a whole new range of hair emojis. Sure, it is one small step for man, but for everyone who feels underrepresented, it is one big step for feeling more included – well done Unicode!

By Kelsey Dring