Kardashian Hair Guru Jen Atkin Launches Her Own Collection

There’s no better #squadgoal than the Kardashian clan, and thanks to the launch of Ouia, we’re all one step closer to fitting in

One of the world’s most influential hair stylists, LA born Jen Atkin, has launched a brand new hair care range called Ouia (pronounced ‘way’), and it’s one of the hottest on the market.



The Kardashains, along with the likes of Chrissy Teigen, Nicole Richie, Cindy Crawford and Olivia Wilde, are all part of the elite team that are styled by Jen, so, no one special or anything…

Jen first brought the minimalist concept of Ouia to Sephora, who insisted that she put the edgy name to it. So she did, and along with it she brought along the tag line ‘it’s for cool girls’, of which we all know judging by her A-list clientele, it really is.


The line itself is simple, just like the packaging, and it includes all the essentials; shampoo and conditioner, texture mist, finishing cream, matte pomade, wave spray, and supplements. What more could you want? And at almost half the price of a lot of other high end hair brands, it’s pretty much the dream.


“Ouai means yes, in that casual, Parisian way. It’s about saying yes to being that effortlessly cool girl. And to looking chic no matter how many followers you have,” Atkin says. “I wanted it to be like you’re at lunch with a friend and they mispronounce it and you’re like, ‘No it’s called ‘way.'”

And judging by his snap chats, Kardashian make up legend Mario Dedivanovic seems to love it too!


It’s all a cool girl needs…

By Lucia Campolucci- Bordi