Danielle Romeril designing her limited edition bottle

Danielle Romeril: The Designer You Need To Know

When it comes to breaking into the fashion world, Dublin Born designer Danielle Romeril knows a thing or two about making it all the way. Studying at Limerick School of Art and Design, then moving onto receive a masters at the highly coveted Royal College of Art, London 2010, she has since worked with some of the most prestigious names in fashion including Alberta Ferretti, and in SS13 she was catapulted into the spotlight after launching her first collection. Topshop subsequently supported both her AW14 and SS15 collections and she has continued to create pieces that are abstract, original and thought provoking.

Her collections are now stocked in 10 countries across the world and have been featured on the pages of Vogue, Tatler and Elle. Quite literally living every fashion design students dream, she’s recently teamed up with Neutrogena to put her designs onto a limited edition bottle of the cult Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash, £4.94 and Oil-Free Moisturiser, £4.99. So, we caught up with the designer to chat beauty, fashion and find out how she managed to get her dream career…

Her gorgeous sell out Tulle Camo Sweater is on our lust list


1.       How did you first get into fashion and design?

I first started designing at age nine, myself and a friend used to have competitions and our school mates would judge them. My brightly coloured hand drawn prints on cool shapes meant I usually had the edge! At 15 years old I started sewing and taught myself to pattern cut from a book.

2.       What is your favourite clothing brand?

This is a really tough question! I love early Helmut Lang and I love Raf Simons but I have always been really inspired by Cristobal Balenciaga’s work and I think Nicolas Ghesquière who now designs for Louis Vuitton, having worked at Balenciaga is probably to most talented designer of our generation.

3.       What was it like working with Alberta Ferretti?

A really great experience. It was a very creative environment when I spent all my time researching, draping, drawing and working with fabrics. Living in Italy was very special, I learnt a lot!

4.       Your work is quite unique, where do you get your inspiration from for your collections?

Every season is inspired by something different, it could be girl skate gangs or cubist artists, it could be something from the environment around me like bubble wrap and sticky tape! SS15 was inspired by an imagined girl gang living in an idyllic wilderness, living off-grid and fishing for their supper.

Her spring/summer 2015 collection was influenced by utility


5.       You’ve had your pieces in some of the most prestigious magazines in the world, what was it like seeing your work on the pages of Vogue for the first time?

It is really, really exciting. Sometimes I can be so busy with developing the new collection and getting deliveries out to stores all over the world that you forget to step back and go ‘wow, did that just happen?’. It is really important to take time to reflect on all the good things that happen in life, and not focus on all the busyness!

6.       Is your personal style represented in your clothes, or do you tend to dress differently?

I don’t design for myself but I do wear a lot of my own clothes. It can be a really great way to understand what slots best into a girl’s wardrobe and to understand the fit of your own pieces.


Pieces from her autumn/winter 2015 collection


7.       What are your summer style rules?

Sandals with everything! Who doesn’t like to get their toes out? Wearing braids in your hair can avoid that clammy tube head thing that must be the bane of every London girl’s life. An army jacket is a great light weight option that you can just chuck on and can add an edge to a floaty summer dress. They’re also really practical for festivals with lots of pockets. Our Foy Parka is pretty perfect for the summer and is selling out on Matches now.

8.       Where did you get the inspiration from for the design on the Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit Facial range?

I approached the Neutrogena® project like a magpie, taking different inspirations from different sources. I borrowed the vibrancy of the Memphis design movement, an Italian furniture and design movement from the early 1980s. I combined that with inspiration for the product itself, I was thinking about liquid and fluidity and then I spent a really long time hand drawing designs that would flow around the Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash bottle. I wanted to create something really bespoke so that everyone could have something beautiful on their bathroom shelf!

Instagramming her Neutrogena x Danielle Romeril bottle in Boots


9.       What is your skincare routine?

I like to keep things really easy, in the morning I wash my skin with a fresh face wash, I moisturise with the zingy Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser before my minimal make-up routine. My make-up has SPF in it, which I think is really important to protect your skin and prevent ageing. In the evening, I take my make up off using a super mild oil based remover and then wash my face and moisturise. Easy!

10.   Do you have any secret styling tips?

Be different, try something new, be aware of what suits your figure, have fun, and forget about what men think!

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