Negative Space Nail Art: How-To Video

It’s one of the coolest nail trends out there and negative space nail art has become a go-to for celebs and nail artists everywhere. So what is it? The fancy name really just means leaving different shapes and areas of your nails bare, while you paint around them with your chosen colour. You can mix it up, doing stripes, circles, lines – whatever you like, and while it looks like it might take a pro to master, it’s actually easy peasy to do yourself if you’ve got the right tools and a steady hand. All you need is a base coat, nail polish and some nail stickers to use as templates and voila, you’ve nailed the look in just a few steps.

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To see how it’s done watch our short how-to video and then try it yourself at home. Mix and match, you can use different colours and create any shapes you like and if you are struggling for ideas of your own, Ciate have got an amazing Monochrome Manicure kit, £25, which comes with loads of stencils so you can create everything your heart desires.

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Gabrielle Dyer