Neck Contouring Is Real And Instagram Is Confused

Just when we thought that there couldn’t possibly be another contour trick, we noticed that neck contouring was causing a stir on Instagram

Yes, really. 

Wave goodbye to clean tops, because the latest beauty hack will have you lengthening and defining your neck using the famous shading techniques. 

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Beauty vlogger Makeup Wearables Hairstyles has shared her tricks and tips in an Instagram video.

The YouTube star, who has over sixty thousand followers on Instagram so far, explains, ‘Neck Contour HACK for slimmer graceful looking Updos!’

Fans on social media don’t seem convinced. One wrote, ‘I don’t understand makeup anymore’ and another jumped into the conversation by saying, ‘apparently face makeup is not enough anymore.’

Others seem to think that it could come in handy for an important event or perhaps even a wedding. After all, if you’re contouring your face, you’d want your neck and shoulders to blend in… right? 

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This isn’t the first crazy contouring trick we’ve heard of, having also experienced boob contouring and waist contouring.

Don’t get us wrong, we do love a fabulous make-up trick (or three), but we also have to wonder where to (literally) draw the line.

We’ll leave you to have a play with your brushes and decide…