This Is How Long It Takes Women To Achieve The Natural Look

The results may surprise you

Makeup is a funny thing. One would think that in order to make yourself look like you’re wearing little to no makeup, you just need to swipe on a bit of bronzer and mascara and head out the door.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, which is something we really don’t think boys, or girls who don’t wear any makeup understand. A prime example of this is dates. The goal of date makeup is, generally to make it appear as though you really are just that good looking.

Rather than going all out with your liner and contour like you would a night out, you try your hand at glowing skin and a barely-there hint of blush. The trouble is, achieving this actually takes longer than it would your usual slap.

Don’t believe us, recent research by Superdrug found that it takes women on average 29 minutes to create a natural looking face and 86 percent try as hard as possible to make it look like they’re fresh faced, even though they’re using a whole lotta products.

And we’re not surprised, seeing as getting that dewy glow takes so much prep. We’re talking serums, primers, creams, lots of layering and massaging, and that’s before you’ve even made it to the makeup.

Despite the over contoured look (thanks Kim), which has saturated the beauty world for what seems like a life time, there finally seems to be some backlash and people are realising that they want to look more like, well, people.

More than half of the 2000 woman who took part in the study said they prefer softer contouring and nude lips so that they can appear to be makeup free. A fifth admitted, however that it takes them way more products.

Personally I’ve been fronting the no-makeup-makeup campaign for as long as I can remember and it’s music to my ears that everyone else seems to finally be jumping on the band wagon.

My one piece of advice is, avoid any last minute dates because it’s not a look you can do in a rush. TRUST ME.