Nars Just Added Six New Shades To Their Cult Concealer

This is something to get REALLY excited about...

A good concealer is hard to find, but there is one out there that seems to get a unanimous YES: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, £22.50. It’s the best selling cover up loved by MUA’s and beauty junkies everywhere and we bet you’ve got one in your make up bag right now. But, while it covers quite a lot of skins, there are probably a few gals out there struggling to find the perfect colour. Well, if you thought they didn’t quite have your shade, you can think again, because just a week ago Nars introduced six new colours to their cult concealer line. So, if you couldn’t find your perfect match in the already existing ten shades, we’re almost certain you will now.

And, if you’re sitting there thinking, what’s all the fuss about nothing, trust us you need to jump on the band wagon. There’s a reason beauty girls in the know (us included) go crazy over this concealer, It leaves a natural looking velvet finish and is perfect for all skin types; plus the creamy consistency  blends like a total dream, and will keep you covered all day without creasing, basically it’s our go-to for dark circles, blemishes and redness… Do we need to say more?

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The six new additions will hit stores on September 1st and consist of two new lighter shades: Crème Brulée and Canelle, two medium shades: Macadamia and Chestnut and two dark shades: Hazelnut and Dark Coffee. All have the same medium-to-full coverage and lightweight consistency. So, if you were struggling before. The shade extension might be exactly what was missing from your make up collection.

And even if you’ve already got your perfect shade why not grab another in a darker shade to contour or maybe a lighter shade to highlight. The possibilities are endless, so go get em…