Nano-Needle Brows: Tried And Tested By LOOK

Update 16/5/16:

Digital Editor Robyn isn’t the only one after the Tracie Giles effect. Nope, it’s been a few months since Robyn’s treatment and with the results going strong, Fashion News Assistant Bridie Wilkins decided to give nano-needle brows a try herself. The outcome? Uh-mazing.

“I have pretty good eyebrows as it is, but I knew they could be better. The natural look you get from nano-needle is exactly what I wanted so I decided to give it a try – and I’m so glad I did!”

I arrived at the salon and was taken into my treatment room where Tracie talked me through everything that would happen.



I gave a brief description of what I wanted included shape and shading (scouse brows were a big no-no!) so that she was able to achieve my desired look and Tracie proceeded to measure out the shape using a special sticky mechanism and white pencil.




After that, she tested out colours on my forehead to see which would best match my natural hairs – then the tattooing began. It was a little painful at first, but Tracie stopped whenever necessary and soon enough, the treatment was over. I’m also relieved to say that Tracie allowed me to check my brows several times during the process so that I could see whether she was adding too many or too few hairs.





Success! I’m due a top-up in 2-3 weeks but the initial result is exactly what I’d hoped for – not too bold, not too faint. It’s been a week since my appointment and not once have I contemplated picking up an eyebrow pencil. All hail Tracie.

12/2/16: Want to know what the Nano Needle eyebrow treatment is all about? Well, LOOK’s Digital Editor Robyn took a trip to the Tracie Giles Knightsbridge clinic in London to try it. And the results were pretty amazing…. 

‘I’ve always struggled with my eyebrows. It’s not that they’re bad – I just have NO idea what to do with them. So when I was offered the chance to try the nifty new Nano-Needle Brow Mapping technique, I jumped at the chance for a brow-over.

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LOOK's Robyn's before-and-after shots LOOK’s Robyn’s before-and-after brow shots


Nano-Needle brows are a semi-permenant make-up technique, and are created using a tiny flexible needle (a similar width to an acupuncture needle) to tattoo tiny ‘hair strokes’ onto your skin. But unlike traditional tattoos that use ink, a unique hypo-allergenic pigment blend is used instead to work in harmony with your skin tone, hair colour and natural brow hair.

With celebrities like Louise Roe, Lydia Rose Bright and Made In Chelsea‘s Binky Felstead already fans of the technique, I felt reassured that I wouldn’t end up with a great big Scouse brow slapped across my forehead after visiting Tracie. But still, this is a semi permanent tattoo we’re talking about, so I was still a tad nervous…


Tracie Giles' pretty Knightsbridge salon... Tracie Giles’ pretty Knightsbridge salon…


The minute I stepped foot in Tracie’s beautiful salon and met the lady herself, however, the nerves disappeared.

Tracie is the most reassuring, lovely professional ever, and after a long chat about what kind of shape and look I’d like, I felt entirely confident about leaving my brows in her hands.

The first step is the mapping – Tracie drew in my desired brows with a brow pencil and used a ruler-type tool to mark where my brow arches should sit and to make sure my new brows would be perfectly symmetrical.

nano needle brows To ensure your brows are perfectly symmetrical, Tracie measures up using a ruler


Next, she applied a few different pigment colours to my forehead to decide which one went best with my hair, eye and skin colour. Then, it was tattoo time!

Tracie put an anaesthetic gel onto my eyebrows before starting the process – and I’m not going to lie, I was genuinely dreading this bit (I am NOT good with pain).

But after a few seconds of needle action, I can honestly say that it just felt like a bit of sharp scratching on my skin. Phew! Tracie then went over my brows another two times, and each time the anaesthetic had worked its magic that little bit more, so by the end I really couldnt feel a thing. Win.

nano needle brows To find your perfect brow pigment, Tracie applies different shades to your skin to colour match


When the process (which took around two hours in total) was over and I looked in the mirror, I was thrilled – the hair strokes that Tracie tattoos onto your brows are so tiny and fine, they look just like real hair.

And the shape of mine were perfect – boxy and a little straight, just like I’d asked for. Suddenly, my unruly brows had been transformed into the glossy, groomed and polished face-framers of my dreams. Oh, what a difference an hour or two makes!

nano needle brows Tiny strokes are tattooed onto the brows for a natural effect


I have to go back for another session in 8-12 weeks to have them topped up (they fade a little after the first few weeks), but already I’m over the moon with my brow-over. Not only have I saved tonnes of time in the morning (no more carefully pencilling in those brows), but my face also looks way more defined without make-up. Hooray for the Nano Brow!

Prices start from £495. Visit the Tracie Giles website or call 020 7584 1005 to arrange a consultation.

nano needle brows Nano-needle brows: Before and after