Madeline Poole

Get DKNY Nails With Sally Hansen And Madeline Poole

Madeline Poole is a serious babe, when we met her to film this video we instantly loved her. Not only is the American nail artist ridiculously talented at painting peoples talons, she’s also Sally Hansen’s Global Colour Ambassador, which means if you’ve seen any niche nail art buzzing around Instagram or backstage at Fashion Week, it’s probably been done by her. We got chatting to the artist and fashionista (we want to steal her nails and her style) about the inspo behind some of her most coveted nail looks.

To see just how she created the awesome nail look backstage at DKNY AW16 show, watch our quck how to video bellow!

Where do you get all your inspiration from for all these amazing looks you create?

They can come from anywhere really, there’s no specific place. The other day I was in a Laundromat and I was looking at the walls, they were bright orange and the door was grey and then the wood around the door was a royal blue and there was a piece of mould in a different colour. Things like that are really interesting when you zoom in on them. I took a picture of it, and so that’s just an example of where I might get inspo from.

There’s no specific place but I do also love nature for inspiration I think the best colour combinations come from animal colours, like the way a birds have fluorescents, really bright colours, but also have neutrals. I like any colour as long as its partnered with another that makes it look a certain way. And then of course from fashion, from textiles and things but I really prefer to look at vintage clothes rather than brand new. Sometimes brand new is nice but there’s so much more in the past… Even the packaging from a bottle of cleaning spray or a cereal box, sometimes it’s really graphic. Bold and brightly coloured advertising, you can zoom in on it and take something from it.

Are there any other really good nail art Instagram accounts we should be following?

There’s one called ‘@unistella_official, she’s a Korean girl, she’s very good. Also @nataliepavloskinails and @ciaomanhattan2012. There are a lot of good ones, another account I really like is @youngnailsinc and also @hana4.

Have there been any disaster stories, when you’ve been doing a celebrity’s nails, or backstage when you’ve been like oh my god I’ve really messed this up?

Yeah I have to admit. There was one experience I had when I first started; I was really excited, I was doing Kerry Washington’s nails and she’s so beautiful, like stunningly beautiful in real life. Anyway, she wanted to have press on nails, we were doing a black glitter press on nail and I didn’t quite know what I was doing yet, so I put them straight on. They looked really nice, but because of the way I’d adhered them they just weren’t strong enough. So she’s about to go on Good Morning America or something like that and they were falling off so she had to call another manicurist from the agency.

It was many years ago and of course I’ve learnt my lesson since then! And recently when I was on my way to do the DKNY nails, everything was working against me. I took a car because I thought it would be quicker, then got stuck in so much traffic and thought, oh I’ll just walk. I walked 10 blocks till I got to Times Square and it’s pouring with rain and I have a massive bag of nail polish and the bag breaks and there’s nail polish everywhere and I was like ughh. I started running in the rain and of course, I get there and no ones even started yet.

Is there a product you use on your nails if they’re damaged?

Yeah the Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1, £10.95. You can wear it under/over colour or on its own, it’s really good, it’s a growth and strengthening treatment all in one and that’s what I would recommend. Or, I also use the miracle gel line, it’s a good alternative to gels. I don’t like gel nails so I like using this. My nails chip so quickly and this brand really doesn’t chip!

Can you paint with both hands?

Yeah I can paint solid colour, that’s no problem but if I want anything intricate or patterned I have to go to a salon.

What’s the hardest nail you’ve had to create?

A lot of them are pretty hard…

There was one picture I saw on your Instagram that I loved! It was a metallic outlined star from Seventeen Magazine.

Oh yeah, that did take forever! when they told me they wanted to outline the stars in metallic paint I was like do you want to do anything else today because that’s all we’re going to be able to do! So yeah that took absolutely forever. I had to cut all the little bits of tape and get them at an angle so that they all connect properly and the points are sharp.

What’s your favourite nail shade at the moment?

I’m loving Sally Hansen’s Hat’s Off To Hue, £6.99, right now, there’s something that feels kind of neutral about lavenders and periwinkles.