My Burberry Festive Edition: The Most Beaut Scent We’ve Seen

My Burberry Festive Eau de Parfum, £90

With Christmas comes many a perfume launch, but we can assure you that we have NEVER seen anything like this offering from Burberry. Trust them to create something we instantly want – nothing new there.

In the name of the festive season, Burberry have launched a limited edition of their My Burberry scent with actual golden glitter in the bottle. And no, before you ask, the glitter doesn’t come out, so you can still smell beautiful without covering yourself in the sparkly stuff. And if your perfume can’t be a pretend snow globe at Christmas, then when can it?! Give it a good shake and get lost in a whirl of Burberry shimmer.

The perfume takes inspiration from the classic Burberry trench coat, with the scent reflecting the aroma of a London garden after the rain. With top notes of sweet pea and base notes of rose, this is a truly British floral fragrance.

Romeo Beckham in Burberry’s 2014 Christmas ad


The countdown to Christmas is most definitely on, and it won’t be too much longer till those festive ads start appearing on our TV. Burberry made Romeo Beckham a household name with their advert last year; we can only wonder what they have in store this time round…

As with the original edition of the scent, the bottle comes garnished with a gold gabardine ribbon and you can monogram the 90ml bottle with your initials (max three) at

The scent comes in two sizes, and costs £90 for 90ml and £65 for 50ml, and is available exclusively at, before going on sale nationwide November 1st. But don’t hang about – this glitter happy bottle is a limited edition so won’t be around forever!

Annie Quinton