Join The #MyBodyMyLook Summer Challenge

Here at LOOK, we’re tired of hearing about body-shaming. 

After that disturbing A4 waist challenge went viral, we thought we’d put our own pieces of paper to much better use. 

So, we’re launching a social media campaign for EVERYONE to get involved in. It’s called My Body My LOOK, and it’s here to spread some body positivity and to make sure that we’re showing our bodies some love, just the way they are. 

How do you get involved? Well, it’s easy.


To join us in the #MyBodyMyLook summer challenge, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen and your phone.

Simply snap a selfie of yourself holding up a piece of paper, telling us what you love – or are learning to love – about your body, and upload it to your social media account of choice with the hashtag, #MyBodyMyLook.


Don’t forget to nominate your friends to share the love too.

We’ve already kicked things off by working our way around the LOOK team.


And Made In Chelsea‘s Binky Felstead has also got involved. 

Let’s all love our bodies, ladies…