Mutya Buena Fires Back At Internet Trolls In Angry Post

For anyone growing up in the ’90s and ’00s, the Sugababes will bring back fond memories.

Mutya Buena always stood out for her signature style and sassy attitude. And we’re pretty sure she inspired a generation of girls to get a monroe piercing.

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The original Sugababes back in 2001


She’s always oozed confidence, and now she’s back with a new look. But, unfortunately, she’s been forced to hit back at some very unfair comments.

After being criticised by internet trolls, the 30-year-old penned a very angry message targeted at her haters.  

In a post that now seems to have been deleted on Instagram, Mutya reportedly said, ‘I’m not everyone’s cup of tea girls will hate guys will hate social media will hate…’ [sic]. 

Um, we don’t think anyone should be spreading hate. 

The star also told those with any negativity that they were ‘wasting their time’. 


The Freak Like Me singer addressed her body-shamers after sharing a series of swimsuit selfies.

In her latest snap, which sees her sporting a lattice bikini, the singer hit back, ‘I love my life my surroundings my family and friends soooo nothing’s gonna bother me Coz I don’t care so I will keep puttin up pictures just to p*** off the ones who hate me…’ [sic].

Mutya takes the sofa with MKS on Sunday Brunch in 2013


It’s really sad that some people still seem to think it’s okay to try and knock down someone else’s confidence. 

Hats off to the MKS star for standing her ground.