There’s Now A Way To Apply Your Highlighter With Sheets Of Paper

Laura Jane reviews the MUA Luxe Shimmer Sheets and Mai Couture following the 'waterless' makeup trend...

They are always coming up with new and different ways to apply makeup, some of them weird and some of them wonderful.

Just one glance down your Insta’ feed and you’re likely to see an array of sellotape, high heels and, heck, even condoms being used by beauty fans in an attempt to perfect that finish.

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I’ll always harbour a love for my trusty (and perhaps ever-so-slightly overused) makeup brushes. Then there’s beautyblenders, the silisponge and, of course, the fingertips. Don’t judge me.

But then I discovered that there’s a product you can carry around, like a small book, to apply your face with just a tear of some paper. And my interest definitely piqued.

Apparently it’s called the ‘waterless’ trend, and these beauty buys have been infused into paper to then wipe directly onto your face. No brushes/sponges/finger tips needed.

Mai Couture offer a ‘foundation powder’ paper, but as someone that’s a liquid foundation fiend (nothing else will cover my acne scarring or breakouts), I decided to leave this to one side and jump on the highlighter train.

MUA Luxe shimmer sheets

Before applying any highlight onto my foundation…

The ‘highlighter paper’, also known as ‘shimmer sheets’ depending on what brand you opt for, comes in a variety of different shades. The MUA Luxe Shimmer Sheets come in rose gold and white gold, each giving different effects depending on your skin tone or level of tan.

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They’re super easy to apply. Each book has between 40 (Makeup Academy) and 50 sheets (Mai Couture), and you simply tear one off and, quite literally, rub it onto your face in the desired areas.

I’d already applied my usual foundation (at the moment I’m obsessed with Kat Von D’s Lock It) and then I went for the rose gold shimmer sheet to apply at the top of my cheekbones.


After applying MUA Luxe’s Shimmer Sheets, in rose gold…

MUA Luxe Shimmer Sheets, £3

As someone who likes a strong highlight, it wasn’t quite as pigmented as I would usually go for. It was also incredibly glittery – clue’s in the name, eh? – but I feel this could be perfect for festival season.

Considering the whole idea is to make things easier on-the-go, I could totally see myself taking a few sheets out with me over summer – particularly for a night out when I might need to quickly top-up my glow.

And for £3, you can’t really go that far wrong…