Was This *Really* The Most Googled Hair Trend Of 2015?

The most-searched Google hair terms of 2015 have been revealed, and you’ll be seriously surprised.

Some of the terms at the top were to be expected – braids and coloured hair. But there was one that raised everyone’s eyebrow… MAN BUNS.

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Harry Styles and Andrew Garfield with man buns We blame Harry Styles and Andrew Garfield for this one…


Yep, the third top trend of the year was all about the fellas, thanks to celebrities like Harry Styles, Brad Pitt and Andrew Garfield, who all experimented with the style this year, and Twitter trends like #ManBunMondays. 

Purple hair and silver hair also emerged as huge rising trends on Google, confirming the massive surge in popularity for crazy-coloured locks. 

katy perry grammys purple hair Purple hair was one of the top most-searched beauty terms, thanks to Katy Perry


Rihanna was seen as the star most affiliated with the silver/grey hair trend, thanks to her striking shoot for V magazine and the fact that she gave grey hair a go earlier this year.

And as for those lavender locks? Well, you can thank hair chameleon Katy Perry for that one after her striking appearance at the Grammys when she was sporting a bright purple ‘do.   

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rihanna grey hair Rihanna was the celebrity most-associated with having grey locks


In terms of plaits, it was the halo braid that reigned supreme, but French braids, twist braids, box braids and goddess braids were also amongst the most sought-after.

We should also mention that the comb-over was also up there with the most-Googled terms. But before you start picturing Donald Trump, it seems men were really pining for the preppy Ryan Gosling side-parting instead. Phew. 

sienna miller and j lo with plait hairstyles Halo braids, box braids and goddess braids all featured in the plaits-related search terms


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The beauty-related search terms spanned the period of January 2013 to August 2015 – we wonder what next year will bring?

Will Kylie Jenner’s mermaid green locks inspire a minty-hued hair colour trend? Will the lob have a resurgence?

All we know is, celebrities are getting more creative than ever with their tresses. And long may it continue.

kylie jenner green hair Will mermaid green hair be on next year’s list?