Here’s How You Can Cut Your Morning Beauty Routine In Half

Because we’d rather have an extra hour and a half in bed each week, thanks!

It’s been revealed that women in the UK spend on average 29 minutes on their morning beauty routine to create a ‘natural’ make-up look. But if you ask us, 30 minutes creating a ‘no make-up make-up’ look is time we just don’t have (/ would rather spend snoozing!)

So, here’s how you can cut your time in half, not to mention save an hour and a half a week in the process…

Here’s How You Can Cut Your Morning Beauty Routine In Half

Face Base: 4 minutes

Even natural make-up starts with a flawless face base. But when time is short, you don’t want spend precious minutes priming, concealing and buffing your skin to perfection. Trade in your tools for a multi-use skin saviour like Bourjois City Radiance Skin Protecting Foundation, £7.99 that can prime, conceal and brighten all in one.

Brows: 2 minutes

Natural brows shouldn’t look perfect – so why waste time trying to make them look so? Brush into place and fill in sparse areas with 3INA The Eyebrow Pencil, £6.50. Beautiful brows, hassle free. Because, let’s be honest, no-one woke up with brows-on-fleek.

Cheek Lip Tint: 1 minute

A time saviour that can be applied anywhere: say hello to your new best friend. A cheek and lip tint deserves a place in every girl’s make-up bag. We love Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix Tints, £18. Using cream-based products allow your skin’s natural texture to shine through – leaving you with a more natural-looking finish. Plus, nothing is as beautiful as a flush of matching lips and cheeks.

Lashes and Liner: 3 minutes

Unless you’ve mastered a liquid liner cat-eye in under 60 seconds: ditch it. Kohl liners are easier to work with and mistakes can be easily blended out. Line, smudge and coat lashes with mascara. Done.
We love NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, £19 and Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara, £25.50

Contour and Highlight: 3 minutes

A natural look doesn’t mean we want to completely ditch our beloved sculpting skills. But, despite the Youtube clown contouring tutorials taking over the internet, adding definition to your complexion needn’t be complicated. Split your 3 minutes evenly: using bronzer to sculpt under the cheekbones, jaw bone and temples – and highlighter to add radiance to the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone and centre of the face. Unless you’re a Kardashian, it really doesn’t need to be any more complex than that.

Extra touch-ups: 2 minutes

Yes, we’ve factored in an extra two minutes for general procrastinating, touching up and faffing around – because we all do it, and it’s really, very necessary.