Mood Lipsticks Are Here, And They’re Blowing Our Minds

Remember mood rings from when you were little? Well, what if we told you we’d found them in lipstick form?

Yep, mood lipsticks have arrived, and they’re every bit as magical as you’d imagine.

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Lipstick Queen Frog Prince, £22

How do they work? Well, they typically start out black, blue or green, like the beauty above called Frog Prince from Lipstick Queen, but once slicked on, turn a pretty, posy pink.

Once applied to your lips, a dye in the lipstick called Red 27 turns bright pink because coming into contact with moisture changes the pH balance of the dye. Ooh.


‘[It’s] a red dye which is colorless when dissolved in a waterless base,’ explains a website called The Beauty Brainski.

‘When it comes in contact with moisture, the change in solubility and pH causes the dye to turn bright-pink. The product appears to change with your personal chemistry because the colour changes when it comes in contact with moisture, [which] can come from your skin or even just the humidity in the air.’


So, it’s not exactly changing colour to match your changing moods, but still – pretty cool, no?

And beauty mavens worldwide seem to agree – the Lipstick Queen lippy is now one of Birchbox’s most popular products since they started selling it back in July 2015. Impressive.

And there are others, too. MOODmatcher’s MOODgloss also reacts with your lips to create your perfeect pink stain, and Barry M also does a Genie Color Change Lip Paint  that switches from green to pink once applied.

Now, we’re off to try the lot!