Girls’ Jemima Kirke Airs Her Armpit Hair At The CFDAs

Armpit hair really seems to be having a moment right now. And Girls star Jemima Kirke is the latest celebrity lady to get involved. 

As well as looking amazing at the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards in her fiery Rosie Assoulin dress, the 30-year-old actress also took some time out behind-the-scenes to offer her fan a quick Snapchat of her armpit fuzz.

And actually, it got a pretty great reaction. ‘Highlight of my day was seeing Jemima Kirke’s armpit on the CFDA fashion awards snap story’, one user wrote. ‘Jemima kirke armpit snap is my fav thing in lyf now #CFDA #CFDAAwards’, another wrote on Twitter.



She’s not the first one, either.

Sarah Hyland recently caused a stir with an Instagram snap that appeared to show her rocking below-shoulder tufts as she threw her arms in the air whilst wearing a summery white dress.

One follower commented: ‘Are your armpits hairy?’ while another wrote: ‘PLZ shave ur armpits!!!!! #eww.’

Sarah captioned it: ‘ATTENTION: If I hadn’t of shaved my armpits you really think I would post a picture of them? IT’S A SHADOW PEOPLE. CALM DOWN. Yall should stop being negative and looking for things to make fun of people and start being happy with yourself. Thank you. Have a good day.’

> Sarah Hyland hadn’t left her armpits unshaven


After that, the 24-year-old was inundated with comments from supportive fans.

These included: ‘Even if your arm pits were hairy it’s your life and you should do what you want,’ ‘If you don’t shave your armpits, who cares! It’s a social construct that women need to shave their hair’ and: ‘What’s with shaming body hair, embrace it.’

Sarah isn’t the only celebrity who’s ended up involved in an armpit hair debate. Stars including Scout Willis, Madonna and Julia Roberts have rocked the au naturel look in the past.

> Madonna has sported hairy armpits


Last week, Miley Cyrus made it clear what side she stands on when she posted Instagram photos of herself bleaching her underarm fluff pink.

> Miley Cyrus shows off her bleached underarms


She wrote alongside an image of her and a friend halfway through the process: ‘Pit party wiff @anderssonjj.’

> Miley Cyrus and a pal bleach their armpit hair


Miley, 22, is clearly pretty pleased with how the bleaching went as she’s since shared pictures of the results – and a doll version of herself with fluorescent pits.

> Miley Cyrus seems pretty pleased with the results of her bleaching


She’s really not shy, is she?

> Miley Cyrus captioned this shot of a doll: ‘#Selfie’