This £3.99 Miracle Cream Completely Cured A Child’s Eczema


There’s a viral Facebook post doing the rounds where a mother hails a £3.99 cream a ‘miracle’ for curing her child’s eczema. And the results are genuinely incredible.

Anyone who’s ever suffered from the skin condition will know a) how painful it can be and b) how hard it is to get rid of.

Paige Sweeney, who’s mum to 3 year old Evie-Rae, had spent two years visiting dermatologists to try and find a cure for her daughter’s eczema with nothing working. Apparently Evie-Rae’s condition got so bad that she would wake up every night and scratch herself until she bled.

Evie-Rae Sweeney’s Eczema Before

credit: Paige Sweeney

But it was a £3.99 Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser from Boots that changed her daughter’s skin completely!

After just one week’s use – Evie-Rae’s eczema had pretty much completely gone! Paige has been quoted saying that the NHS ‘could save a fortune if they put it on prescription’ because of how good it is.

Evie-Rae Sweeney’s Eczema After

credit: Paige Sweeney

Woah. With grapefruit & organic tea tree oil, the cream is suitable for newborns and everyone upwards, and has been dermatalogist approved for sensitive and eczema prone skin.