Millie Mackintosh’s Two-Week Plan For Looking Amazing

Millie Mackintosh always looks incredible on the red carpet. But don’t think that doesn’t come without a whole lot of intense preparation.

In her column with Byrdie, the 26-year-old has explained about the two-week plan she follows to get ready for a big event.

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‘I tend to avoid sugar before an event, holiday or shoot,’ Milie says. ‘So as not to get the taste for sweet food, I kick-start the day with a savoury breakfast with some carbohydrates for energy, and I always have protein with it to fill me up.’ 

Explaining that she likes ‘a piece of rye toast with eggs and avocado’ for breakfast, and ‘chicken breast with a quinoa salad, broccoli, olive oil and lemon’ for lunch, Mills then moves on to describe a typical dinner. 


‘If you retain water, you won’t look as lean. [So] for dinner I’ll have either chicken, turkey or white fish and then load up my plate with plenty of greens and some roasted veggies. Asparagus is a diuretic, so I make sure to have this with every meal a few days before a shoot. Try to limit your salt intake, too.’



After starting the day with ‘a glass of hot water and lemon’, Millie then explains how important it is to keep hydrated. ‘Everyone says it, but drink plenty of water’, she says. ‘If I’m out I will have clean spirits – so vodka or tequila with soda and fresh lime, or a tequila on the rocks – but remember if you have been out drinking, you won’t burn off fat in the gym the next day, only the sugar from the alcohol.’

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‘I will be extremely dedicated to exercise if I know I need to get lean’, Millie says. ‘I never usually work out in the evenings, but if it’s the only time I can fit in before a shoot, then I do it. I plan to meet friends at the gym so I don’t miss out on seeing them.’ 

‘I throw in more cardio: tabata circuits of 20 seconds effort (plyometric moves like squat or box jumps, for example), 10 seconds rest. I will add in a couple of extra spinning sessions too.’



‘The week before I need to be in perfect shape, I’ll book in for a lymphatic drainage massage and a brightening oxygen or vitamin C facial’, Professor Green’s wife says. ‘At home I’ll use the Ren renewal face mask (£32) – it helps my pores look really refined and is perfect to use on the day of an event! And a spray tan, of course! It helps give you a healthier glow and makes you look more defined; I love St Tropez.’