Millie Mackintosh’s #HotDogLegs Selfie Causes Chaos

Millie Mackintosh‘s hot dog selfie has sparked the most ridiculous debate on Instagram. And it’s made women very, very angry.

The 26-year-old spent the weekend supporting boyfriend Hugo Taylor in France as he completed the gruelling L’Étape du Tour as part of his upcoming participation on Channel 5 cycling show Tour De Celeb.

And whilst her man was being put through his paces, Millie was having a seriously relaxing time as she sunbathed from her beautiful French countryside retreat.

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> Millie was slammed for her leg hair in this #hotdoglegs selfie


But the former Made In Chelsea star couldn’t have known what chaos a simple #hotdoglegs snap would bring, as after she posted, tonnes of fans started arguing about her ‘hairy’ legs.

Oh, please.

Thankfully, amongst the many comments from people telling Millie to ‘wax them’, there was also a huge group who rushed to Millie’s defence.

> Millie looked gorgeous as she sunbathed in the beautiful French countryside…


‘All women have body hair… DEAL WITH IT’, wrote one.

And tonnes of women joined in the conversation to say that they’ve never touched their thighs with a razor, either.

‘I never shave the top of my legs.. so mine look like this to. So unbothered by any comments made and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t either!’ wrote one fan. 

> Millie also sparked a similar debate last year when she shared this shot…


‘It’s frickin normal to only shave below the knee!!!!’ slammed another.

Sadly, it’s not the first time Millie’s been targeted for her leg hair – back in January 2015, the reality TV star received similar comments for another #hotdoglegs image she posted.

*Sigh*. Come on, people. Let’s remember what decade we’re living in, shall we?! If we fancy embracing our body hair, then that’s exactly what we’ll be doing, thank you very much.