Millie Mackintosh talks to LOOK about her fitness regime. Image: Instagram @camillamackintosh

Millie Mac: “I’m Not Worried About What Size I Am”

When we caught up with the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh about her new fashion collection – launching later this week – we couldn’t let her go without getting the lowdown on exactly how she gets that amazing bod. Ps. it’s easier than you might think and involves mac’n’cheese. Whoop! 


ou’ve become a bit of a fitness poster girl recently, what’s your latest workout craze?

I’m sticking to my weight training at the moment. Each week you’re able to lift something heavier and then you can start to see results, like, my posture has changed. It is hard, you have to really get your head into it – listen to good music or pair up with a friend and do it like a duo.


Do you prefer to work out with a friend or a trainer than alone?

Yes definitely. There are exercises and stretches in my book that you can easily do at home alone but to be doing something like weights I need someone to be there  – if you’re holding a heavy bar you need a spotter, so I’ve been doing that for toning and then for cardio I do boxing or spinning. I don’t like running on a treadmill or outside in general.

How often do you workout?

Probably 4 to 5 times a week.  But I haven’t done that consistently all summer!I had a holiday, relaxed and ate lots of pasta. But I have loads of things going on this month so now my head is back in the game. On weekends I let my body relax. If I do anything it’s just an hour of stretching or yin yoga, which is like restorative stretches. It really releases all of the tight tissue around the muscles and you feel so elongated. Then I just eat really healthy in the week – lots of veg, lots of protein and lots of water and maybe just alcohol once a week.


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Do you think balance is important then?

It helps me when I’ve got fashion week coming up – it’s really fun but it’s work, not a constant party.

What’s your favourite exercise?

Is there any such thing? When I can do a pull-up, that will be my favourite thing – my trainer has to support my ankles right now. As for my worst – any kind of lunges, they make me feel sick. I have really tight hip flexors so I constantly have to do stretches that open my hips and it’s so uncomfortable.

Obviously you look amazing and you’re always getting compliments from Instagram followers – do you feel like you’ve achieved the perfect body?

I don’t always feel it! There’s always something I want to work on. It’s hard, I’m just working on feeling stronger – I’m not worried about what weight I am, what size I am, I don’t weigh myself. It’s about getting more muscly.

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What is your go-to healthy meal?

Probably sweet potato, steak, greens and salsa verde.

And an indulgent one?

Mac n cheese. Or slow roast pork belly with truffle mash.

Do you still feel a pressure to look a certain way even though your not as exposed and on TV as you were in the MIC days?

No I work out because I enjoy it, it’s a personal thing that I like to do. Obviously it’s good when I’m doing a shoot as it makes me feel confident and I think it’s good for me mentally – you have to think about something else, turn your phone off and that’s it. And when you do something like spinning, it releases loads of tension and stress so it helps me to balance out being so busy and working really hard. It gives you so much positive energy and I feel like if I go into a workout and there’s something bothering me, when I come out my mind is so much clearer. You feel so much more refreshed and have lots of new ideas.