Millie Mackintosh: 11 Questions We Always Wanted To Ask

Millie Mackintosh has it all, seriously. Since her catapult into fame through her appearance in Made In Chelsea, she has gone from strength to strength and it seems like there really is nothing she can’t do. Brains, beauty and body, she has recently added fashion designer to her list of achievements, releasing a summer range on ASOS, which FYI is ah-mazing! She’s just finished working with Revlon on a series of make up how to videos and you can watch her first one bellow where she creates the perfect date night makeup look!

So, LOOK’s Beauty Assistant Gaby caught up with the star to ask her 11 things we’ve always been itching to know…

1. What is your favourite styling tip? Because you always look so great!

Well I love the seventies for styling tips, I like the laid back trend. I always look to the seventies for layering and accessorizing. So yeah, stick to the seventies.

2. What is your perfect date night?

Perfect date night would have to be a night in, making pizzas and watching game of thrones.



3. If you could trade places with any other celebrity who would it be?

Okay so just for the day, would have to be Anna Wintour, just to feel the power she has and see fashion from the other side. I’m sure it’s stressful but the power she has and she’s such an inspirational woman. Her wardrobe would be fabulous!

4. What is your biggest beauty bugbare?

When people don’t really blend their base properly into their neck, and they end up getting that tide line.

Gaby: As if someone’s dipped their face in paint.

Yeah that’s something I see quite a lot, and its like “come on you’ve got this far, you’ve put it on, just blend it in!” Although I was definitely guilty of it when I was younger…




5. What song currently gets you in the mood for a workout?

I really like Flo Rida’s new single, GDFR, it definitely makes me feel like working out. But yeah Beyonce or Rihanna, anything that makes me think about squatting.

Gaby: So, anything about bums?

Anything with the worse a** in it repeatedly!



6. What is your favourite snack? Have you got a sweet tooth or are you a savory girl?

I’m more of a savory snacker, I think one of my favourite snacks is seaweed crisps. I was actually eating them earlier.

Gaby: Still quite healthy then!

Yeah another is kale crisps with cashew dressing on them, and I love juices and stuff like that. But yeah definitely more savory when it comes to snacks.



7. If you could share only one beauty tip, what would it be?

Hmm only one? It would probably be to make sure you double cleanse. If you think you always brush your teeth for two minutes, if you spent that much time actually looking after your skin every evening and taking your makeup off properly it would look a lot better.



8. What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

My granny once said to me, I was a teenager and she brought me my first mini skirt and was like “If you’ve got it flaunt it!”

9. What is your favourite item in your handbag?

My favourite thing in my handbag is my diary, I mean I have a diary on my phone, but I can’t keep organised without it.

Gaby: So are you a very organised person?

Yeah I try to be and I love making lists. Of course sometime the lists sit there for a couple of weeks, but the thought is there…



10. What is you’re biggest guilty pleasure? Not just food, it can be anything?

You know when you just wanna crash and think about nothing, I really love watching ‘Say Yes To The Dress’.

Gaby: Do you watch Don’t Tell The bride?

Yes – love it, i literally love weddings!



11. What beauty product could you not live without and why?

It would be the RevlonUltra HD Lipstick in Rose, £7.99. It’s a kind of natural pinky colour, it’s super moisturising and stays on all day.

Gabrielle Dyer