Michelle Obama Wore Her Hair Natural And Twitter Went Insane

Who knew curls could cause such a stir.

We are so used to seeing the former First Lady with flawless make-up and sleek, glossy blow-dries but yesterday a picture emerged on twitter of Michelle confirming that yes, she is in fact one of us. Phew.

Looking all-together more laid back whilst on holiday with Barack, Michelle was spotted wearing her hair curly and unstyled. Naturally Twitter was here for it, and so were we.

In the pic make up free Michelle looks seriously casual, wearing sunglasses, her hair is pulled back into a loose pony with a cute polka-dot headband.

As with anything out of the ordinary, Twitter users were quick to comment on this unseen side of Michelle and many users praised her for embracing her curls.

@Emilywaithira said: ‘I just love this, keeping it natural #naturalhair #becomfortable in your own skin and hair #beasyouare’


@samythesaint said: ‘YASSSSSSS @MichelleObama YOU BETTA WORK THAT NATURAL HAIR!’


@rashidapowell said: ‘I wonder if @MichelleObama knew that letting her natural hair free would almost break the internet.’


When it comes to different ethnicities we have definitely come a long way in the beauty world but some of the views surrounding afro hair are still negative.

There are limited products available for coarser, black hair and shops have been scrutinised for stocking haircare products for white and black hair types on different shelves.

The majority of black and mixed race celebrities we see tend to wear their hair straight or wear false hair which has been criticised for sending out a bad message to younger girls, making them feel insecure about their natural hair. Because of this, many users saw the photo as a refreshing change and a really positive message to other black women.

‘@MichelleObama please wear your natural hair before you leave the White House. Show that it’s okay for our young women #FirstLady’ said one user.

Judging by the responses, the public seem to be desperate for more famous people to showcase their unstyled locks, and so far all of the comments we have seen have been positive. But, if you were under the impression that Michelle has been getting any extra help with any false hair, you’d be wrong.

Her hair stylist Johnny Wright, who has created some of her infamous beauty looks over her eight years as The First Lady, said to ‘The Root’ that Michelle has actually been natural for years. All of her hair is her own and he uses is straighteners and a round brush to achieve her signature, sleek bob. Who knew.

In other words, ditch those extensions and rock what you’ve got, girls.