Can we have locks like Michelle? Pretty please!

Michelle Keegan Spills Her Honeymoon Hair Saviour

Michelle Keegan is one of those women with perfect hair. There’s no denying it, her locks are flawless.

We know she’s a big fan of Beauty Works Hair Extensions, but in hot holiday weather how does she keep those tresses looking oh-so good?!

Well, Michelle recently let slip the wonder hair spritz she relied on throughout her honeymoon with new hubby, Mark Wright. Yep, her ultimate mane tamer is Unite’s 7 Seconds Condition, £16.90

“I took this Unite hair product with me and used it throughout my honeymoon on my locks. Everytime I washed my hair I towel-dried it then sprayed the product on liberally – I also use it round the pool, as it stops your hair from drying out in the sun and sea salt, and it smells really good.”

Sound amazing, right?!

> Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright on honeymoon


Michelle is totally right, the Unite 7 Seconds Condition, £16.90, is an amazing detangling, leave-in conditioner and a UV protector. So it’ll keep your tresses super-safe in the sun. 

It’s also great for colour-treated or damaged hair, as it’s completely free of nasties like parabens and sodium chloride, while the nourishing formula repairs, protects and soothes stressed out locks. We recommend spritzing it through your hair from root to tip, then twisting your locks up into a cute topknot, or rocking a beachy braid. That way your ends are less likely to get frazzled in the sunshine.

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