Michelle Keegan’s Entourage Lookalike Will Shock You

Prepare to feel shocked… this photo is *not* of Michelle Keegan.

Yeah. SERIOUSLY. This smokin’ lady may have the same tumbling dark locks, olive complexion and brown eyes as Michelle, but she’s actually a totally different person.

The brunette beauty is Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, who stars as Sloan McQuewick in Entourage.

Hard to believe, right? We mean… just LOOK at how much they’re twinning.

> HOW similar do Michelle Keegan (L) and Emmanuelle Chriqui look?!


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It’s not just us who are flabbergasted by the similarities between Emmanuelle and ex-Coronation Street actress Michelle, 28.

In fact, the girls are pretty shocked themselves.

When Emmanuelle, 37, was shown a picture of Michelle during an interview with Dublin’s 98FM yesterday, she had a super-hilarious reaction.

The stunning brunette was chatting about the new Entourage movie with co-star Kevin Connolly when she was shown a shot of Michelle from last year’s British Soap Awards.

> Emmanuelle Chriqui was shown a photo of Michelle Keegan at the 2014 British Soap Awards


After taking a look, Emmanuelle visibly gasped and exclaimed: ‘That’s shocking to me. I’m very flattered.’

Not a bad comparison, eh Emmanuelle?

Kevin, 41, agreed, saying: ‘She looks exactly like you.’

> Emmanuelle Chriqui and Kevin Connolly look pretty shocked by the similarities


Word soon got to Michelle about her lookalike. She later took to Twitter to write: ‘Hahaha!!!! That’s crazy! If they need a sister u know where I am! x.’

Well. They ARE both actresses…

Despite Michelle and Emmanuelle only just realising how much they look like each other, it seems fans have thought it for a while.

One commented on Michelle’s post: ‘I called this months and months ago whilst watching You Dont Mess With A Zohan!’ while another wrote: ‘have said this for years. both unbelievably beautiful xxx.’

A few already have ideas for how they could utilise their likeness, with one saying: ‘Get Michelle Keegan in Entourage 2 !!!!!’

We’d watch it.

> Michelle Keegan married Mark Wright last month


Let’s just hope Mich’s new husband Mark Wright never ends up in a room with both of them. How confusing would that be?!