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Michelle Keegan’s Gorgeous Body Secret Is Out

When Michelle Keegan let’s slip the body product she can’t live without, our ears are guaranteed to prick up. So when we heard the lovely lady raving about her new favourite wonder cream we got seriously excited. The Body Truffle Cream by Temple Spa, £60, is a super-rich anti-ageing body cream that is packed with skin-loving goodies that work to firm and smooth whilst conditioning and leaving skin radiant and glowy. 

Here’s what Michelle thinks…

“This divine body cream by Temple Spa is seriously wow. It’s rich and leaves my skin soft supple and radiant. This one is an investment purchase, but a little goes a long way and I only use a tiny bit after a bath at night, you don’t need a lot, so the jar should last for ages.” 

Sounds pretty good right?!

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> We *need* this cream in our lives…


The clever cream contains silk and gold actives (fancy, we know!) that work to protect skin from free-radicals as well as moisturising. There’s also black truffle which is full of amino acids to that allow skin to build up collagen, meaning that it’ll help smooth away those lumps and bumps. And finally long life mushroom, which has a ‘lipofilling’ effect, which means it banishes any rough patches whilst brightening and leaving skin even and clear. We told you it’s one super-smart cream!

Temple Spa Body Truffle, £60

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>Instagram - @MichKeegan"> Image: Instagram – @MichKeegan